Facts about Remodeling the Home

Let your kitchen reflect your personality. Is a modern look more your style or is an avant-garde style? Performing a home remodeling in Dutchess County does not just create a minimalized environment but adds touches of daring color, gloss, stainless, and so on! Here are seven keys to transform your kitchen, into something conventional, one that opts for bold colors with a contrast of finishes and straight lines.

Change the furniture or paint the doors. The vibrant colors fit in well with most modern styles. Red, green, dark blue, yellow... Anything goes. It is best to have flush doors with steel handles, which are hidden in the door. Touch-systems also leave the surface clean. The finish can range from glossy to matte and remember that bright surfaces reflect light.


You may want to think about eliminating cabinets. It is a useful solution when trying to transform your kitchen into something different. For example, get rid of the cabinets and replace them with high shelves or wall storage systems. You will gain in spaciousness.

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Transforming the walls can also make a huge change. If you’re going to undertake a reform, the old walls should be replaced by a more current look. If not, you can paint them with various colors of your choice. For a perfect finish, the base must be clean and the homeowner must apply at least two coats of paint with a roller. You can also incorporate parts of the old wall panels into the new.

The appliances to be integrated into the décor must go well with the new look as well. Just like a bathroom renovation, a kitchen remodel needs to flow seamlessly. If there is room for a bar and high stools, go for it. You can try running a counter as a peninsula, throwing up a shelf on the wall, etc. Complete the dining area with a few chairs, a striking lamp or a fruit bowl design. Choose a linoleum floor that hides the old one or just replace it entirely. You have a wide range of choices that will provide a spacious effect. Just remember to speak to a professional before making any major changes.

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